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Pubs & Bars
Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment In Kiev

It is said that Ukrainian girls are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Kiev's strip clubs offer a wide range of adult entertainement - but bring plenty of money.

Strip club

Be Smart And Be Careful In Kiev

Fact - Ukraine has the worst HIV infection rate in Europe. Indeed, over 1.3% of over 15's are infected and over half of those are women. Always wear a condom and practice safe sex if you go with an unknown partner.

Strip Clubs

Mint Nosorog Strip-Bar
etro Palats Sportu
Address: Velyka Vasyl'kivs'ka str. 111/113, Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 5292000
Website: Click here
Opening hours:Tuesday to Sunday 20:00 - 06:00 Closed Monday
Entrance fee: Men 100 UAH Women 150 UAH
Strip Club Mint Rhino
Girls from Mint Nosorug

Up-market gentlemans club in a relaxed and pleasent atmosphere.Bar, European cuisine and eight private tables.

Star Nosorog Strip-
etro Kontraktova
Ploscha (blue line)
66/7, Verkhnii Val Str. , Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 4907117
Click here
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 20:00 - 06:00 7 days a week
Entrance fee: Men 100 UAH Women 150 UAH

Strip club girl from Star Rhino

The largest strip club in Ukraine, located in the historical centre of Kiev. It is a large luxurious club with a good atmosphere and lots of gorgeuos girls. Every night you can enjoy full striptease for two podiums located on two floors of the club. 130 seats, 13 private booths and special programs on Friday nights. 

Paradise Cabaret - Upmarket Strip Club
Teatralna (red or green line)
5-7,Taras Shevchenka Blvd., Premier Palace Hotel, 8 floor , Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 5374532
Website: Click here
Opening hours: Daily 21:00 – 06:00
Paradise strip club

If you go to a strip club in a 5 star hotel you know it will not be cheap. it is the most prestigious strip cabaret club in Kiev. Stunning girls, comfortable and stylish surroundings and girls with prices to match.

Red Heat - Strip Bar - Podol Area
etro Poshtova Ploscha (blue line)
10  Petra Sagaidachnogo str., Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 4287143
Click here
Opening hours: Daily from 21:00 - 06:00 Wednesday Special womens show
Entrance fee: 100 UAH Private dance from 200 UAH
Red Heat strip club
Red Heat Strip club in Podol

Situated in the alleys of the ancient Kiev, in the quiet historic Podol in close proximity to the newly built hotel "Riviera" and famous hotel, "Impreza". It is a small, cosy friendly place offering erotic dance, private dances and pole dancing shows. Serves sushi if you get a bit peckish but be prepared to pay over-the-odds for the privelige.

Red Lion - Erotic show and Strip Bar
etro Khreschatyk (red or blue line)
Address: 27A Khreschatyk str., Kiev
+380 (44) 2342403
Website: Click here
Opening hours: Daily from 21:00 - 06:00
Entrance fee: 150 UAH
Red Lion Strip Club
Entrance to Red Lion Strip Club

Situated on the main street Khreschatyk at the opposite end of Independence Square.
Erotic show, pole dancing and private dances in Parisian style surroundings.
The reality is it is expensive and not particularly good. There are better places and better looking girls.

Arena Stars - Erotic Cabaret
etro Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Address: Arena Entertainement Complex
3rd Floor 2A, Baseyna str., Kiev
+380 (44) 2093797
Website: Click here
Opening hours:
10:00 - 06:00 Tuesday to Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday)
100 UAH to 200 UAH
Arena entertainement Centre
Entrance to Arena City Complex

Classy upmarket striptease dressed up as cabaret. Sort of place you could take your wife or girlfriend, a non-threatening environment in comfoertable surroundings.

Solid Gold - Gentlemens Club
etro Maidan Nezalezhnosti (red line)
Address: Arena Entertainement Complex
2nd Floor 5 Krasnoarmeyskaya street Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 4940914
Website: Click here
Opening hours: 20:00 - 06:00
Admission 100Hr for men, 150Hr for women
Solid Gold Gentlemans Club Solid Gold Club interior
Solid Gold Club at Arena City complex

Recently opened gentlemen club offers its visitors cosy, stylish interior and amazing shows. Another classy club where you could comfortably take your partner without the fear of lecherous men spoiling the entertainement.The club also offers a VIP lounge and Chill out zone. Solid Gold is located on the 2nd floor of Arena Entertainment Centre. Full strip bar, sushi and private dances.Reserve a table in advance, especially on weekends.

Millennium Strip Club (Dnipro Hotel)
etro Khreschatyk (red or blue line)
Address: 1/2 Khreshchatyk Str., Kiev
2nd floor of Dnipro hotel, right wing.
+380 (44) 2546777
Website: Click here

Opening hours: Daily 21:00 - 06:00
Millenium Strip Club

Run down, tired and a little bit sleazy. If you want to revisit the soviet era this might be as good a place as any. Small stage with strippers who offer private dances. Conveniently situated near independence square but that is the only positive thing to say about this place. Awful -avoid.

Club Rio
etro Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Address: Bogdana Hmelnitskogo str 30/10, Kiev
Tel: +380 (44) 2343292
Website: Click here
Opening hours: Daily 16:00 until last client leaves

Club Rio
Club Rio

The only Club in Kiev, that welcomes you at 4 p.m. and works until the last client leaves.
A difficult place to find but once you have found it you will be glad you did. You will be greeted by a friendly English speaking guy who will find you a table and explain a little about the club. The website tells you that they have about 150 girls on their books, in reality it is a lot less. What you will get are three girls dancing on individual poles. As the music changes they move along to the next pole, the girl on the last pole leaves the stage and gets replaced by a new girl.I think there were probably about 20 - 25 girls working that night but I think there are more on busier nights.
Not all the girls speak English but I would say most do and they will sit with you and have a conversation. The good thing is that unlike most Strip clubs in Kiev, Club Rio is very friendly and the girls are not greedy.They will not pester you for a drink and if you do offer them one they will not try to rip you off by ordering the most expensive.In fact the prices of drinks are very reasonable compared with other strip clubs. Private dances are 200 UAH but expect these to increase during Euro 2012. I am told you can order take away (and I am not talking about the food) towards the end of the night. Speak to the girls and see what sort of arrangement can be made.
The club is located in the centre of the City, behind the National Opera Theater T.G. Shevchenko.
Not a big place but very cosy and friendly and not at all sleazy, you will feel comfortable here and have a very enjoyable time.

Dolls Mens Club
Metro imageetro Olimpijs'ka Stadium (Olympic Stadium) - Blue line
Address: Chervonoarmiiys`ka str 57/3, M. Olimpijska, Kiev
Tel: (099) +380-77-44
Website: Click Here
Opening Hours: from 8:00 p.m. till 06:00 a.m.

Dolls Nightclub Dolls Nightclub girls Dolls Nightclub interior
Dolls Men's Club

A new club opened in 2012 to add to the ever growing adult entertainement scene in Kiev.
Entrance was 100 UAH ( 26/05/2012) with additional 50 UAH for private seated area.
Girls are well presented and most speak English but although the club is clean and glamorous it lacks atmosphere and some of the tables are too far away from the stage.
A private dance will set you back approximately 400 UAH and the drinks are reasonable for this type of place.

Penthouse Gentlemen's Club
Metro imageetro Olimpijs'ka Stadium (Olympic Stadium) - Blue line
Address: 58 Krasnoarmeyskaya str, Kiev
Tel: (067) +380 656 46 46
Website: Click Here
Opening Hours: from 9:00 p.m. till 06:00 a.m.

Penthouse Strip club logo Penthouse strip club stage

A small and slightly run -down gentlemens club situated on the corner opposite the new Olympic stadium.Prices reflect the establishment and price of entrance is 200 UAH. The interior is bright,brash and al la little bit 1970's. Bar drinks are cheaper than the more up-market clubs and a private dance will set you back 300 UAH.





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